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Looking forward to accompanying you on your Life Journey as individual. Leader of yourself, a team, a corporation or any organisation.

Palmer Wellness Life is about awareness, a base for conscious decisions and sustainable world health and evolution, for the individual, for companies, for society and the world in large.

My company is a small scale business, based on personal commitment, dedication and drive, for a better world to live in. Where people are welcome, as they are, more at ease with awareness and presence in the actions taken.

I create and provide training material, work shops, online or in real life, for groups and individuals, in how to find a more sustainable presence. To increase awareness and focus on what really matters and is important, for you as individual or company. 

How you can approach stress, feelings, frustration and increase health at the work place, for the people and teams. 

Compassion, awareness, stress management in groups,  or individual dialogues, training sessions or work shops.

As well through facilitation of individual and group sessions with guided mediation, yoga, work shops, conferences, at your work place, or online, for convenience and easy access for you and your teams.

Where do you want to go, focus and setting a direction, working with self management, focus on your strengths and potential. 

I will be teaching in classes, running work shops with dialogue.

Individually with PT classes, or in groups, or at your company with your team

Your needs and evolution, let me support your journey.

  • Management, of yourself or teams

  • Mindset and attitudes

  • Resilience and mind set

  • Direction setting

  • Coaching

  • Living with awareness

  • Yoga

  • Mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Compassion, Awareness, Resilience and Emotions, by individuals, groups, companies and in the world at large

  • Breathing exercises

  • Focus practice

  • Release of energies

  • Body & Mind strength, agility and adaptability

  • Inner feelings, direction, dialogue

  • Building a team

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